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What is EVS?

           The Education Voucher System (EVS) - seeks to tap the services of private schools in providing education to students who cannot be accommodated by the public school system due to classroom shortage, large class size, lack of teachers and insufficient instructional facilities and materials.

The program was launched in March 2006 as a pump-priming program of the Office of the President and is geared towards reducing the class size in public high schools in re/black-coded areas where there are shortages of classrooms and teacher items by providing vouchers to graduates of feeder public elementary schools to enable them to enroll in private high schools of their choice.


The program is one of the systems of financial assistance aimed at democratizing and improving access to quality basic education at the secondary level through government extension of financial assistance to poor but deserving elementary school graduates that wish to pursue their secondary education in a private school.


Program beneficiaries are awarded vouchers as evidence of Government’s commitment to support their education in a private high school they choose for as long as they meet the entrance requirements as well as those of regular promotion to each of the succeeding school years until they graduate.


The following guidelines are specific for the EVS:

·        Slot allocation will be limited to private schools in red/black-coded areas where public schools are located.

·        EVS slots are exclusively for grantees that come from public elementary schools in DepEd red/black-coded areas.

·        EVS slots shall also include PEPT and qualifiers who are seeking enrolment to private schools.


Selected Private Schools that may participate in the EVS Program must have these qualifications:


·                    Government-recognized private secondary schools that have passed the EVS Certification.

·                    Night schools or branches of existing private institution have obtained separate government recognition and passed the said certification.

·                    The school must be operating to red/black-coded areas.

·                    Schools that do not have Government Recognition or were only given permit to operate for the year but who accepted beneficiaries last school year (effective year 2006-2007), shall not be allowed to accept new beneficiaries or until such time when thy shall have secured Government Recognition. Only they shall be allowed to graduate their grantees.

1.      Pursuant to the goal of democratizing and improving access to basic education at the secondary level, DepEd announces the continuing implementation of the Education Voucher System and the Education Service Contracting under GASTPE. These programs provide financial assistance to poor but deserving elementary school graduates who wish to pursue their secondary education in private schools.

2.      Allocation of slots for these two programs shall be determined by the Division Offices on the basis of the data on Red/Black coded areas by Regions, earlier faxed to the Regional Offices to be relayed to Division Offices and to schools concerned.

3.      The public elementary school principals whose schools have been identified by DepEd Division Offices as feeder schools to red-coded public secondary schools (i.e., with big class sizes, teacher shortage and limited classrooms) shall select the beneficiaries of the Education Vouchers for the school year and issue Certification for the qualified EVS grantee based on the criteria.

4.      The Fund for Assistance to Private Schools (FAPE) shall continue to manage the program for the Department, in coordination with DepEd’s Field Units.

5.      The Regional Program Coordinators of FAPE, in coordination with the DepEd Regional and Division Offices, shall orient the school heads of the public feeder elementary schools and the school heads of participating private secondary schools within the region’s catchments area, objectives, requirements and implementing guidelines of the program.

Here in San Mateo, there are only (4) four EVS Participating Schools, Recognized by the Government:


1.      Sta. Cecilia Parochial School – in Maly

2.      Center for Positive Futures – in Banaba

3.      St. Mary Integrated Learning School – in Ampid 1

4.      Christ the Lord of Harvest Academy – in Silangan

Based on: DepEd Memorandum No.144, s. 2007

                Issued by the DepEd Office of the Secretary

               DepEd Complex, Pasig City

              March 30, 2007



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