Go Conquerors!


To our dear students, alumni and friends of CLHA:

        In be
half of the entire CLHA family I would like to welcome you all to our campus hoping that somehow you may find exactly the kind of education and career path God is leading you to.
         CLHA is the first private/ Christian school at the heart of Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal and among the few schools in the barangay which enjoy a Special Distinction and Government Recognition awarded by the Department of  Education. Such award is given to schools that
have reached a level of academic performance and institutional achievements that merit respect and recognition.
         Over the years, despite of financial crises, we have graduated quite a number of students who are now in their way to success as they continue pursuing their dreams to finish education thru big colleges and universities. Once admitted to our program you will be part of a growing community of students and pupils from places nearby. Inde
ed, CLHA is fast becoming a school of choice for many young people who are in serious pursuit of a successful career and a sure educational destination for students.
         Please consider this brief n
ote my personal invitation to you. Not only are we excited to help you learn and achieve a great measure of competence in your field of choice, we anticipate what great insights you can share with us considering the expertise, the traditions, history and values you bring from your soils of origin. Your presence and participation in our campus life would certainly enrich our learning experiences and our overall educational perspective.
         I urge you to feel free to communicate to us about your career plans. We would be more than happy to assist you in whatever way we can. Together we can create a global community of responsible learned people whose common vision is to help rebuild a fundamentally new and better world for all.
        Welcome to
Christ the Lord of Harvest Academy--your second home in Silangan! May God bless your more and more as you contemplate God's design for your life.






Eden Dreo-Lozande

Vice President
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