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A.  General Information/Guidelines

Admission to CHRIST THE LORD OF HARVEST ACADEMY is granted with a definite understanding that the pupil/student and his parents or guardian agree in writing to comply with the standards of the school particularly on Academics and Discipline.

            The School reserves the right, whenever necessary and expedient, to treat violations of the school rules and regulations in accordance with the Biblical system of discipline and guidance.  The school authorities has the right to dismiss any student for poor scholastic attitude or school conduct unbecoming of a Christian.



o   Submission of requirements

o   Interview of the pupil/student together with the parent

o   Admission Test

o   Upon passing the test, enrolment follows

o   Parent’s Orientation (to be scheduled)

Re-admission of Old pupils/students and Transferred pupils/students

o   Pupils/Students with only one (1) failing grade in the final rating will be re-admitted to the next grade/year level.

o   Pupils/Students with two (2) failures in the final rating or a failing grade in Conduct during the school year will be re-admitted on probationary basis.

o   Repeaters will be re-admitted for the next school year, however repeaters for the second time will automatically be NOT re-admitted.

o   Pupils/Students who transferred to other school or dropped and would like to come back may be re-admitted by passing the norms of admission for new students.






1.  Present the F-138 or Report Card and 3 copies of 1x1 I.D. pictures for issuance of ENROLMENT FORM.

            2.  After completing the forms, proceed to Assessment re:

                        2.1  Payment required upon enrolment

                        2.2  Booklist

                        2.3  Uniforms


1. Submission of Requirements.
  Pre-school        Grade School            High School

2.  Arrange with Administrative Office for an Entrance Test.

3. Book an appointment for an interview with the respective coordinators or class advisers.

4. After passing the evaluation test and entrance examination, submit the original F-138 (report card) for issuance of application and registration forms.

5. After completing the forms, proceed to Assessment Section
         - re: payment required upon enrollment, book list and uniforms.

6.  Proceed to the Cashier for payment.




1.  Enrollees whose parents demonstrated unethical conduct and gestures.

2.  Pupils/Students who showed disrespect and lacked courtesy for school programs and affairs.

3.  Pupils/Students whose attendance exceeded to the total number of absences allowed (20 absences only).

4.  Pupils/Students who had been suspended and whose manners and conduct affect the school’s good image.

5.  Pupils/Students who failed in one or more subjects and failed for two summer classes in order to complete the required units for promotions.

1.    Pupil/Students whose parents failed to support the school, its programs and affairs.

2.    Pupils/Students who are proven guilty of the following undesirable behavior and conduct:

a.       cheating

b.      vandalism

c.       truancy

d.      excessive absences

e.       tardiness

f.       going with bad companions including homosexuals and lesbians

3.    Pupils/Students who are repeaters for the second time.

4.      Pupils/Students who failed in conduct at the end of the school year.

Pupils/Students who failed to meet the condition given to him/her by the disciplinary board for reconsideration.
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